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Dental Assistant Career – A Great Opportunity!

The beginning of a great dental assistant career starts by taking our class. Our students are very dedicated, positive thinkers and proactive. The growth of our students over the 13-week course is amazing to see.

Dental Assistant Career

Do you have what it takes to be a dental assistant? Do you enjoy hands-on work? Do you crave for a job with responsibility that will give you a great sense of fulfillment? Take the challenge to better your career by becoming a dental assistant.

Dental CareerThere is a great need for Dental Assistants in today’s market place. Dental Assisting is a recession proof job because no matter what the economy is like, everyone has to have dental work done. A Dental Assistant can find a job anywhere in the United States!

The pay for a Dental Assistant job is awesome with most dental offices offering tremendous benefits. Working in a dental office is also considered amongst the most rewarding careers out there because you get to work in a pleasant professional work environment.

Are you ready to change your life? Why wait, sign up now for our next session. All you need to do is email or call (248) 639-4988 today.

Dr. Noah Levi

5 Responses to “Dental Assistant Career – A Great Opportunity!”

  1. Deanna B. says:

    I love the dental field and was glad to learn that this school is where I can become a dental assistant. I toured the school and met with the teacher and I am now signed up for the next session 🙂

  2. Sally B. says:

    This dental assistant school was a life changer for me. It gave me a great career and I hope all students achieve their goals.

  3. Pipper P. says:

    I love this school as it has gave me the skills needed to find a great dental assisting job. Thanks for all your help 🙂

  4. Claudia R. says:

    Can I get information about tuition and how long does the certification takes?

  5. Patricia Q. says:

    I know a few friend who just graduated from this course. They found jobs right away, so now I am going to take this course. ) I can’t wait !!!